I had just moved to Arizona from California and that's where our story begins. With only two months of high school left, I started a new school and knew no one. As I was walking to class one day, a boy slipped me a rose when I looked up to see who had handed the rose to me I was standing in the middle of a group of five of them. I was a little embarrassed, but I managed to make small talk. The boy asked me where I was from. I began to explain that I was from California and he didn't have much to say, but with only a moment of silence I heard one of them say, "I'm from California, too!"That voice was Jack. He was sweet and kind. There was something different, maybe more genuine, about his approach than the "a flower for you miss" approach that his friend had pulled. Which come to find out later, that rose was actually Jack's NHS rose. Ironic. We became friends, in fact he was one of my only friends in this new place. As weeks and months passed, our friendship turned into smoothie dates and park walks. It all just fell into place.

As the years passed I fell in love with our long conversations in the park, leading worship together, his sarcasm, dancing in living rooms to make our families laugh, laughing so hard until hurt, being loved by his family, and seeing him love my family. Soon our walks became talks filled with dreams of our future together. My heart was his. 

On August 16, 2011 we left his house and his mom totally out of character hugged us both before we left to go to Barnes and Noble. Little did I know, we weren't going to Barnes and Noble...we were going to our favorite park. I was a little annoyed because he said we needed to run an errand at the Park's clubhouse...something about tables. We get to the clubhouse and it's closed. Meanwhile, Jack is freaking out because his proposal plan was falling a part. He said let's just go around to the side and see if we can count tables from there. As we began walking over there Jack started wandering off to a little bench and he called me over. He told me sit down. He started talking about how much he loved me and  everything else just started to fog. I can remember watching him propose to me, but I can't remember a word that he said. He pulled out the ring and I began to cry. It was such a wonderful and magical moment of feelings and tears pouring out of me.

After months of planning, our date was set for July 13, 2012 in Dana Point, Ca on a cliff overlooking the sea. The weeks and days before the wedding were filled with love from family and friends. It rained on us at the rehearsal as if it was a cleansing for the beautiful new life that was ahead. On the morning of our wedding, the rain had cleared and the air was crisp and salty from the ocean. The harp, violin, and cello sweetly mixed with the sound of the crashing of the ocean waves. From where I stood it was as if the sky and the sea were one. As I took my Daddy's and he lead me down the aisle I began to weep. He softly took my hand and placed it into Jack's. Then in front of a hundred close friends and family members we made vows to love one another for the rest of our lives. I had found the one whom my soul loves.