Hi I’m Brittany. 

I am a lover of light, love, and all things yellow. I believe love is magical, people are kind & beautiful, flowers make the world a better place, cooking is the way to anyone's heart, the ocean is majestic and shows the beauty and power of God, and that life is the most grand adventure. I love to document life, people, and the meeting place of love between the two. 

This is my sweet husband, Jack! 
He is my better half. He is the maker of wise decisions and the one that keeps us grounded. He is brilliant, thoughtful, kind, and gentle. He prefers reading books and simple coffee dates. He is my 30-second dance party, netflix binging, goofy, sarcastic, try anything that I cook, loving, best friend. 

This is Jackson!

He is joyful and so full of life. He tries his hardest to be independent. He loves to sit up, listen to music, snuggle, and babble.

You may be wondering, "Why Raising Wild?" "Are you planning on raising your kid to be wild?" "What does this even mean?". Well my friends, in a small sense yes, I do plan on raising our little cub to be wild, but not quite the wild that you have in mind. I want to raise him to be wild within his imagination-- to allow his mind to run and dream up possibilities that may seem far from his grasp. I want him to be fearless-- unafraid of what this world has to offer, to dare to be different, to be unafraid of living out a life that is fully and undeniably his. I want him to love fiercely-- to love himself, the world, his family, and dare to love those who seem unlovable. It means finding love for adventure and living a life full of it.

Raising Wild is more than just a name-- it is a way to live. We are only given one life and with this life I want to live it wildly--loving fiercely, finding adventure within every part, living without fear, and teaching our sweet boy to see the undeniable beauty that this world offers.

I hope you continue to join us as we continue to go along this wild adventure-- that there will be moments that you can relate with, inspiration to live your life wild, and encouragement when you need it. Raising Wild will be a place that still documents our growth, dreams, trials, accomplishments, adventures that we take, love, food, and somewhere that I can write heartfelt thoughts.