Thursday, February 16, 2017

Jackson | First Friend

It's one of those things that as humans we naturally and wholeheartedly crave. We long to have someone to relate to, someone that will stand in our corner. My heart wells up seeing you develop you very first friend. Out of everything my mama heart dreamed your life would look like, this is something I never put much thought into. It's something of high value to me though as I now watch it unfold. This is a building block in your life--another stone in the foundation of who you are becoming. 

Jackson, friendship is valuable. It's beautiful and it's worth investing in. 

I, too, now have made a new friend. A friendship I wholeheartedly believe could only have been brought forth by God. It was by chance we met them, it was by grace that they welcomed us into their lives, and it is with joy that we continue to watch it blossom into what it's made to be. 

I may not have all of life's answers, my little one, but what I do know to be true is that every ounce of love we pour into others is never wasted. Invest in those you love, treasure people not things, and continue to live your life in kindness. If so, you will be sure to live a life not wasted. 

You've made your first friend and I do believe this is a memory that is meant to recorded.